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Aromatherapy – essential oils have amazing properties which help us maintain our body, mind and spirit. We would like to deliver the best possible remedies to you and your family. When you brush your teeth, apply moisturiser, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner you maybe unnecessarily exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals. As a professional aromatherapy practitioner (Professional Essential Oil Therapy (PEOT*) Diploma in IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists), I understand the effect that essential oils of pharmacology, chemistry, pharmacokinetics, the biology and psychology of smell, carrier oils, hazardous essential oils, chemical composition, contraindications, methods of administration and guidelines to prescribing etc. Essential oils it can be  beneficial to us but if you are using them wrongly, they can be potentially dangerous.

Here at Shizen Remedies we create safe high quality house cleaning products, body & beauty products using high quality ingredients and carefully selected essential oils.

*PEOT – where does essential oil therapy come from?

Essential Oils Therapy is not another new type of therapy, it is very much part of aromatherapy. Nowadays, aromatherapy treatment is generally understood to mean  massage  while actually it is really about essential oils. The time has come to reclaim the knowledge of essential oils as a natural healing therapy in its own right!

Definition of Essential Oils Therapy (EOT) – EOT is a form of natural healing that uses essential oils extracted from aromatic plant materials to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health, balance and wellbeing. EOT is gentle therapy that encourages natural healing of the body rather than try to treat specific illnesses. Some essential oils have been shown to have beneficial physiological properties and can actually be used to treat some disorders. EOT is also being studied for their antiseptic and antibiotic qualities.

Olfactory stimulation – inhaled molecules of essential oils excite the olfactory nerve, sending messages to the brain and limbic system (the seat of memory, learning, and emotion), resulting in emotional, mental or physiological responses (i.e. the sent of basil stimulates gastric juices, increases mental alertness and in some people brings out strong emotions).



Natural way of living 

Sunshine makes us feel energised and happy. When we smell oranges, we feel positive and empowered.  We need the sun, fresh air, and clean water to live healthy. We don’t need harmful chemicals when natural remedies such as herbs, trees, flower, roots, seeds and nuts can maintain our health and beauty.  When you use our products, you may find that you’re sense of smell improves, your hair is shinier and immune system becomes stronger. We have a maintain / sustain system – Homeostasis* that keeps us healthy when we don’t place too many demands on it.  When we go for a walk among trees, we feel positive and makes us feel well balanced.


Mental, Emotional & Biological Homeostasis – unity and harmony in the hunan body is kept together by homeostasis – this is the central process that maintains balance between the many  processes that you body undertakes on a daily basis. Illness can be caused by both external and internal factors (injuries, infections, etc.) and by stress and emotional upset. Strong negative emotions, shock, fear, trauma can all cause dys-harmony (dis-unity) at a deep level and can suddenly or eventually cause minor psychosomatic ailments (eczema) or more serious life-threatening disorders (asthma, immune dysfunction or cancer).


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